Creative writing but not as you know it.

Attended a creative writing session in November 2020, organised by Naked Frank Theatre. Just found my notes and thought I would post it. Interesting questions and conundrums: well, they certainly got my brain working!

Task 1: Brian Teaser — Homographs

Stimulate your temporal lobe with this simple word association exercise. Find the third word that is connected or linked to the two words that have been provided. The words you are looking for will be a homograph; a word that has more than one meaning but is always spelt the same.

Lock — Piano

Ship — Card

River — Money

School — Eye

Pillow — Court

Use your temporal lobe to find the word that should go in the middle of the two words that you have been given. You answer must make sense when placed after the first word and before the second.

Lock — — Breaker

Bubble — — Shield

Pocket — — Dog

Black — — — Box

Fire — — — -Fluid

Pencil — — — — Study

Home — — — Mine

Gift — — — — Around

Under — — — — Eared

Arm — — — -Fall

Woolwich Arsenal Station



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